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Saturday, March 12

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Artistic Collaborations via Skype: Turning Distance into Drama ACC, Room 18ABCD Artistic Collaborations via Skype: Turning Distance into Drama ACC, Room 18ABCD Beyond Check-Ins: Location Based Game Design ACC, Room 12AB Brave New World: Debating Brands' Role as Publishers ACC, Ballroom F Changing News Rooms and News Consumers Sheraton, Creekside Dawn of the Data: Future of Consumer Lending Hilton, Salon F-G Day Stage presented by Ogilvy ACC, Ballroom G Demystifying Online Privacy and Empowering the Digital Self Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom Designing Stuff Kids Will Use and Love ACC, Ballroom B Diversity in the Digital Age ACC, Room 10AB Federating the Social Web Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 How Many Rungs?: Social Change & the Engagement Ladder ACC, Room 6AB How Print Design is the Future of Interaction ACC, Ballroom A How Progress Bars Change the Way We Live Hilton, Salon K How to Combat Cybercrime in Latin America Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine iPad Design Headaches (2 Tablets, Call in the Morning) Hilton, Salon J It's About Time: Visualizing Temporality ACC, Ballroom C It's Not Tv, It's Social Tv Hyatt, Hill Country AB Know Your Investors: Fundraising Isn't Just About Money Hilton, Ballroom E Putting the Public Back in Public Media Sheraton, Capitol View Terrace Saturday Yoga ACC, Room 8A So Long, and Thanks for All the Babelfish Sheraton, Capitol A-D Social Media Mythbusters Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7 Social Media: The Next Generation of Business Engagement Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 Stop Listening to Your Customers Hilton, Salon C Stop the Bleeding! Immersive Simulations for Surgeons Hilton, Salon H The Future of Innovation in Banking AT&T Conference Center, Grand Ballroom The Future of Nonprofits : Thrive and Innovate in the Digital Age ACC, Ballroom G The Lean Startup: 10 Reasons Most Startups FAIL AT&T Conference Center, Room 204 Tools and Processes for ADD Project Managers/Entrepreneurs Hilton, Salon D What We Can Learn from Small Town Entrepreneurs Hilton, Salon AB You Don't Have to Move, to Live Better ACC, Ballroom D

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Shinya Kimura Paramount Theatre The Third One This Week Alamo Lamar A Howling at the Moon Alamo Lamar A Fran's Daughter Alamo Lamar A The Strange Ones Alamo Lamar A PIONEER Alamo Lamar A Mokhtar Alamo Ritz 2 Nocturn Alamo Lamar A FATAKRA Alamo Lamar A Tunnelvision Alamo Ritz 2 "It's Nature's Way": Innovative Tech Design Through Biomimicry ACC, Ballroom A A Bootstrapped Geek Sifts Through the Bullshit Hilton, Salon AB Agile Self Development Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande B Banking on Big Brands/Celebs for the Web ACC, Ballroom F Banks: Innovate or Die! Hilton, Salon F-G Believe Me or Your Own Eyes: Eye-Tracking Entertainment ACC, Ballroom C Blacks in Technology Meet Up Driskill, Victorian Room Broadband Matters for Content Makers ACC, Room 5ABC Cinematic Titles: From Conception to Reality ACC, Room 13AB Community Engagement Strategies: Rational Debate or Herding Cats? Sheraton, Capitol E-H Drawing Back the Curtains on CSS Implementation ACC, Ballroom D Flattr w/Thingiverse, Readability, Demotix: Rewarding Creators and Crowdfunding Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom Global Citizenship = World Peace? ACC, Ballroom E Hadoop Meet Up Hilton, Room 616AB How the USPS Should Implement Social Media Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7 I've Never Met My Coworkers: Running International Teams Hilton, Salon D Inclusive Mobility - Making Mobile Apps Accessible ACC, Room 8A Intrigue Me: Writing Compelling Content Sheraton, Capitol A-D Let's Hook Up: Brands, Celebs, and Non-profits ACC, Room 6AB Life After Y Combinator Hilton, Salon C Marketing in the Moment Hilton, Salon E Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead ACC, Ballroom G Mentors - Legal ACC, Room 11AB Motion Paintings, Visual Storytelling and Deaf Film ACC, Room 15 Photographer Meet Up Palm Door, Palm Door Re-Thinking Public TV: The WORLD Channel Sheraton, Capitol View Terrace Seed & Feed: How to Cultivate Self-Organizing Communities Hyatt, Hill Country CD Social Shopping: The Future of Selling Stuff Online Hilton, Salon H Startup America: Reducing Barriers AT&T Conference Center, Grand Ballroom Staying Alive: Can Indie iPhone Game Development Survive? ACC, Room 12AB Straight From the Source (Code) ACC, Room 16AB SXSW Newcomer / Veteran Meet Up Hilton, Room 615AB SXSW ScreenBurn Game Developer Meet Up Sponsored by GameGround.com ACC, 1 The Elevation of Black Women in New Media ACC, Room 10AB The Impact of Social Media Tools in Mexico Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine The Last Broadcast: Entertainment is Social - What's Next? ACC, Room 18ABCD The Last Broadcast: Entertainment is Social – What’s Next? ACC, Room 18ABCD The Lean Startup: King of the Apps Showdown AT&T Conference Center, Room 204 The New Sharing Economy Hilton, Salon K The Self-Publishing Novelist: Report from the Trenches Sheraton, Creekside The Why & How of Decentralized Web Identity Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 To Reply or Not to Reply? Facebook Conversations Hyatt, Big Bend Using Twitter to Improve College Student Engagement Hyatt, Hill Country AB We Are Browncoats: Leveraging Fan Communities for Charity Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 What Comic Books Can Teach Mobile Application Designers Hilton, Salon J Who Are You And Why Should I Care? Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande A Why Mexico Will Change Your LIfe Hilton Garden Inn, Rio Why Visualizing Government Data Makes Taxpayers Happy ACC, Room 9ABC You CAN Get There from Here: SXSWIA Navigation Marriott Courtyard, Brazos 2-3 Your Mom Has an iPad: Designing for Boomers ACC, Ballroom B Hair o' the Dog Stubb's Squarespace Foodtruck Extravaganza 5th and Neches AMAC - Austin Film Society Rollins Theatre Better This World Vimeo Theater Narrative Shorts 1 Alamo Lamar A Senna Paramount Theatre The Announcement Alamo Lamar A PSFK SALON AUSTIN: Future of Mobile Marketing Driskill Hotel Fast Company Grill Moonshine Grill

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Android Developer Meet Up Hilton, Room 615AB Are Your Customers a Crowd or a Community? Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 Austin Technology Scene Meet Up Palm Door, Palm Door AVAdventure: Digital, Handheld, User-defined Storytelling in Action ACC, Ballroom C Barry Moltz ACC, Ballroom D Foyer Be Heard: How to Innovate At Big Companies Marriott Courtyard, Brazos 2-3 Benefits of Highly Responsive Community Engagement Strategy Hyatt, Hill Country CD Bordering Incest: Turning Your Company into a Family Hilton, Salon D Brand Journalism: The Rise of Non-Fiction Advertising ACC, Ballroom F Branded Entertainment Meet Up Hilton, Room 616AB Cashing Out: Start-up Successes in Latin America Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine Chicken or the Egg? What Search Activity Conveys Hilton, Salon H Collaboration Nation: How Side-Projects Can Keep You Relevant Hilton, Salon E Coming of Age Social: Opportunity of Teens Online Hyatt, Hill Country AB Communicating with Everyone: Improving Accessibility of Information Products ACC, Room 8A Dear Miss Manners: the Social Web, WTF? Hilton, Salon K Flash is Dead! Long Live Flash! Hilton, Salon F-G Flipboard: Game-Changer or Passing Fad? Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom Guerrilla Research Methods ACC, Ballroom G How Social Media Fueled Unrest in Middle East ACC, Room 5ABC How to Fix Government ACC, Ballroom E Inclusive Design: Creating Beautiful, Usable & Accessible Websites ACC, Room 6AB Indie Game Developers: What Platform Suits You? ACC, Room 12AB Internet Crisis Communications in Latin America Hilton Garden Inn, Rio Latino Link: Marketing to Spanish-Speakers Using Digital Platforms Hilton Garden Inn, Trinity Makers of Geek Documentaries: A Nerd’s Life ACC, Room 15 Making The Magic Happen: The Art Of Producing ACC, Room 16AB Mentors - Programming 1 ACC, Room 11AB Mistakes I Made Building Netflix for the iPhone Hilton, Salon J Mobile Health in Africa: What Can We Learn? ACC, Room 9ABC Open Wide: New Models for Public Media Sheraton, Capitol View Terrace Ordering Disorder: Grid Design for the New World ACC, Ballroom A Pen to Paper - Creating Conceptual Marketing Campaigns ACC, Room 13AB Social Media and the NBA: Where It's @ Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7 Startup America: Reducing Barriers AT&T Conference Center, Grand Ballroom SUPER-Talented: A Conversation with James Gunn, Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson ACC, Room 18ABCD SUPER-Talented: A Conversation with James Gunn, Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson ACC, Room 18ABCD Surviving the Hockeystick Growth: Blessing? Curse? Hilton, Salon AB SXSW Newcomer / Veteran Meet Up Driskill, Victorian Room Tech Power to the People! Digital Community Engagement ACC, Room 10AB Technical vs. Creative? Ridiculous! Quality Requires Both Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande B Tell & Sell Your Story Sheraton, Creekside The 90 Minute Solution: Live Like a Sprinter ACC, Ballroom D The Crisis of Trust in a Social Age: Issues and Opportunity Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 The Lean Startup: Pirate Metrics for Design & Distribution AT&T Conference Center, Room 204 Time Traveling: Interfaces for Geotemporal Visualization ACC, Ballroom B Why Can't Startups and Advertisers Play Nice? Hilton, Salon C Yes, It's Quiz Time: News as Infotainment Sheraton, Capitol A-D Y.EAST2 Cheer-Up Charlies

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140 Conference: Birth of the #BackChannel Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 140 Conference: Fashion and the Real-time Web (2) Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 140 Conference: Twitter and Music (2) Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 A Conversation With Todd Phillips ACC, Room 18ABCD A Conversation With Todd Phillips ACC, Room 18ABCD All Grown-up: Brand Mascots in the Digital Age Hilton, Salon E Baby's Gotta Face For Radio: Web Based Radio? Sheraton, Capitol View Terrace Behind the Curtain: Secrets of Mobile Application Wizardry Hilton, Salon J Being Creative Takes Practice... A Good Management Practice Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande B Being Funny on Twitter (Without Getting Fired) Marriott Courtyard, Brazos 2-3 Bloggers vs. Journalists: It's a Psychological Thing Sheraton, Capitol A-D Bridging the Geo-Gap to Empower Women in Technology Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande A Building Native Apps Across Platforms Sheraton, Capitol E-H Care and Feeding of Blogs and Book Contracts Sheraton, Creekside Causebuilding Games: Fundraising & Social Gaming Streams ACC, Room 6AB Changing the Web Accessibility Game Plan ACC, Room 8A Collaboration Over Competition Hilton, Salon C Common Ground: Crime, Drugs, Racism and Reconciliation ACC, Room 10AB Customer Experience: Future Trends & Insights ACC, Ballroom G Design Across Disciplines ACC, Ballroom A Designing for Silence: Using Email for Good ACC, Ballroom C Discoveries vs. Advance Buzz: Getting Your Film Noticed at Festivals ACC, Room 15 Five Secrets to a Killer Elevator Pitch Hilton, Salon AB Go Green: Save Green ACC, Room 13AB How Does SciFi Influence Our Future Cities? Hilton, Salon F-G How Not to Get Pwned on Facebook Hyatt, Big Bend Humans Versus Robots: Who Curates the Real-Time Web? Hyatt, Hill Country AB iPhone Developer Meet Up Hilton, Room 615AB IPL Meet Up Hilton, Room 616AB Jeff Jarvis ACC, Ballroom D Foyer Kicking Community Ass: Building Better Influence Hyatt, Hill Country CD Know Your Meme Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7 Latin America's Digital Middle Class: Six Key Insights Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine Latinas in Technology: Beauty, Brains and Blogging Hilton Garden Inn, Rio LGBT Meet up Driskill, Victorian Room Mentors - Distribution 1 ACC, Room 11AB One Story, Many Angles The Multi-Platform Pitch Hilton, Salon K Public Transit Data, APIs and City Governments ACC, Room 9ABC Real World Moderation: Lessons from 11 Years of Community Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better ACC, Ballroom D Rebel in a Polyester Sash: Rehabbing Corporate Culture Hilton, Salon D Semantically Yours: Dating Tips for the Semantic Web Hilton, Salon H Social Media Data Visualization: Mapping the World's Conversations ACC, Ballroom B Storytelling through Advertising: Engaging Players in Online Games ACC, Ballroom F Surviving and Thriving as an Independent Game Developer ACC, Room 12AB SXSW Newcomer / Veteran Meet Up Palm Door, Palm Door Text-to-Donate Fundraising for Non-Profits ACC, Room 5ABC The Art of Casting: Unraveling the Myth. ACC, Room 16AB The Behavior Change Checklist. Down With Gamefication Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom The Fine Art of Inclusion ACC, Ballroom E The Lean Startup: Steve Blank on NextGen Entrepreneurs AT&T Conference Center, Room 204 User Experience Meet Up Hilton, Room 616AB Self Made Alamo Ritz 2

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140 Conference: The Real Time Revolución: Latino Culture in America Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 All These Worlds Are Yours: Visualizing Space Data ACC, Ballroom B Are Internet Consumers Killing Online Creativity? Hilton, Salon K Augmented Reality for Marketers: Future of Consumer Interactions Hilton, Salon J Big Brother Goes Green: Surveillance for Sustainable Forests ACC, Room 9ABC Brand Consistency Is Killing Digital Advertising ACC, Ballroom F Business Management for the Creative Mind Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande B Can Transmedia save the Entertainment Industry? ACC, Room 16AB Cheaper, Better, FASTER: Can Casual Games Save Education? ACC, Room 6AB Client Knows Best? How to Sell Unsolicited Ideas Hilton, Salon C Console & Casual Games Collide! ACC, Room 12AB Grow Some Balls: Build Business Relationships from Nothing Hilton, Salon AB Hacking Kids: How to Raise a Digital Native ACC, Room 8A How PBS and NPR Can Support Local Journalism Sheraton, Capitol View Terrace How to Ensure a Diverse Tech Event ACC, Ballroom E Interactive Marketing Horror Stories Hilton, Salon E Latin America: The Future of Online Games Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine Left Brain Search = Google. Right Brain Search = X Hilton, Salon H Lurkers: Your Most Important Community Members Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 Metrics-Driven Design ACC, Ballroom A Money for Nothing, and Your Software for Free ACC, Room 10AB Sausagefest: Getting More Women Into New Media & Tech Marriott Courtyard, Brazos 2-3 Semantic Web Unlocks Shale Gas Plays ACC, Room 5ABC Social Media, Just US? A Unique International Perspective Hyatt, Hill Country CD Social Networking is Not Very Social Hyatt, Big Bend Sound for Picture: Pre-production through Post ACC, Room 13AB Star Wars Uncut: The Force of Crowdsourcing ACC, Room 18ABCD Star Wars Uncut: The Force Of Crowdsourcing ACC, Room 18ABCD That's Not My Job: Being A Career Generalist Hilton, Salon D The Great Paywall Experiment: Evolving Digital Subscription Models Sheraton, Capitol A-D The Lean Startup: Building Legendary Products AT&T Conference Center, Room 204 The Secret Lives of Content Sites Sheraton, Creekside Watching Windows: Constructing Your DIY Distribution ACC, Room 15 Web Anywhere: Mobile Optimisation With HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ACC, Ballroom C Web Mashup Platforms for Future Programmable Cities Hilton, Salon F-G Welcome to the EGOsystem: How Much are You Worth? ACC, Ballroom D When Facebook Falls: Future-Proofing Your Social Media Efforts Hyatt, Hill Country AB Where Are The Women in Startups? Um, Everywhere! Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande A Zombies Must Eat: How Genre Communities Make Money Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7 Goh Nakamura Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive In How to Die in Oregon Alamo Lamar A SXSW Pre-Party with Evite Lanai LaunchSquad's Embargo Break! SXSWi Happy Hour Péché Meet DreamIt Ventures at SXSW Clive's Cracked Live West Tent, Brush Square Park JuntoBox Films Party The Marq

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