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Sunday, March 13

9:30am CDT

15 Slides, Three Writers, Three Ways -- One Hour Sheraton, Creekside Beyond the Hype: Mobile App Opportunities In Africa Hilton, Salon D Can The Internet Make Us Happy? Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7 Creative and Effective Leadership in Design Environments ACC, Ballroom B Daily Deals: Where Ads Become Content ACC, Ballroom F Data-Driven Government: Improving the Citizen Experience ACC, Ballroom E Day Stage presented by Ogilvy ACC, Ballroom G Death of the Relational Database Hilton, Salon F-G Decision Trees: YouTube's New Breed of Interactive Storytellers ACC, Room 18ABCD Decision Trees: YouTube's New Breed Of Interactive Storytellers ACC, Room 18ABCD Disconnecting the Dots: How Our Devices are Divisive ACC, Room 6AB Getting Your Breakthrough Idea Approved by Decision Makers ACC, Room 9ABC Local: The Next Big Thing in Online Advocacy Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom Making Money with Wordpress (Without Working at Automattic) Hilton, Salon C Measuring Social Media – Let’s Get Serious Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 Mobile Social Gaming: The Next Frontier Hilton, Salon J Mobilizing Performance from Search Hilton, Salon K My Prototype Beat Up Your Business Plan Hilton, Salon AB One Codebase, Endless Possibilities: Real HTML5 Hacking ACC, Ballroom C Patients/Caregivers on Facebook: Establishing Boundaries Without Barriers Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine Radical Openness: Growing TED by Giving it Away ACC, Ballroom D Social Media Is Science Fiction Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 Sunday Yoga ACC, Room 8A Texas Game Incubator ACC, Room 12AB The Music of Interaction Design ACC, Ballroom A The New Gilded Age: Telecommunications in the 21st Century Hilton, Salon H The User Generated Revolution, Social Media Overcoming Censorship Hyatt, Hill Country AB Too Small, Too Open: Correcting Wikipedia's Local Failure ACC, Room 10AB Your Computer is the Next Wonder Drug Hilton Garden Inn, Rio

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#FAIL: Infamous Social Media PR Disasters AT&T Conference Center, Room 203 A Media-Based Economy for Detroit's Future Hilton, Salon C Analytics and Social Tools in Practice AT&T Conference Center, Room 204 Anime Meet Up Driskill, Maximilian Room App Savvy - Think First, Code Later Sheraton, Capitol E-H Bend Over? Surprise! Agencies Are Screwing You Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande A Boagworld Podcast Driskill, Driskill Ballroom Building Fences in the Sky: Geo-Fencing Has Arrived Hilton, Salon F-G Comics Meet Up Driskill, Victorian Room Conde Nast in Start Up Mode Sheraton, S. Capitol View Congratulations! Your Brand Is About to Become Obsolete ACC, Ballroom F Connecting America: The National Broadband Plan One Year Later AT&T Conference Center, Grand Ballroom Crafting the Footage: Editing Your Film ACC, Room 13AB Designing iPad Interfaces - New Navigation Schemas ACC, Ballroom A Digital Moms Meet Up Palm Door, Palm Door Dork Intervention: Bringing Design to Agile ACC, Ballroom B E-Race: Avatars, Anonymity And The Virtualization Of Identity Hyatt, Hill Country AB Emotional-Response Cinema...Plug In And Go Deep? Alamo Ritz 2 Fear and the Art of Creation Hilton, Salon E Finding Music With Pictures: Data Visualization for Discovery Hilton, Salon H Fitness 2.0: Reverse Engineering Your Excuse Compiler Hilton Garden Inn, Trinity Getting Strategic with Social Media for Social Good ACC, Room 8A Getting to Know the Unions and Professional Organizations ACC, Room 15 Growing Global Movements: Technology and the New Arab Identity ACC, Room 5ABC Hacking the News: Applying Computer Science to Journalism Sheraton, Creekside Health Data Everywhere: Not a Drop to Link? Hilton Garden Inn, Rio Hoax or Transmedia? The Ethics of Pervasive Fiction ACC, Room 12AB Influencer Throwdown: Proving Influence Once and For All Hilton, Salon D Lawful Intercept: I Saw What You Did ACC, Room 10AB Local Online Communities: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Hilton, Salon J Location Services Meet up Hilton, Room 616AB Mediactive: A Users' Guide to Networked Media ACC, Ballroom G Mentors - Distribution 2 ACC, Room 11AB Minority Report: Social Media for Decreasing Health Disparities Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine More than Buzzword Bingo: Making Innovation a Reality Marriott Courtyard, Brazos 2-3 Open for News: Turning Journalism Inside Out Sheraton, N. Capitol View People as Peripherals: The Future of Gesture Interface Hilton, Salon K Secret Revealed: How to be Successful (with Accessibility) ACC, Room 6AB Social Marketing in Real-Time ACC, Ballroom E Socially Regulated: Social Media in Regulated Industries Hyatt, Big Bend Sound Decisions: A Reality Check on Using Music in Film ACC, Room 16AB Stop Dreaming, Start Doing: Tips For Execution ACC, Room 9ABC SXSW Newcomer / Veteran Meet Up Hilton, Room 615AB SXSW ScreenBurn Game Developer Meet Up Sponsored by GameGround.com ACC, 1 Technomadism - Becoming a Technology Enabled Nomad Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande B The 4-Hour Body: Hacking the Human Body ACC, Ballroom D The Five Startups You Meet in the Deadpool Hilton, Salon AB The Future of Philanthropy: Social Giving Takes Off Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom The New Workstyle – How Work Is Evolving Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 The Politics Behind HTML5 ACC, Ballroom C The Science of Influence Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 Tired of @#%ing Social Media Experts? Hyatt, Hill Country CD Transmedia Storytelling: Constructing Compelling Characters and Narrative Threads ACC, Room 18ABCD Transmedia Storytelling: Constructing Compelling Characters and Narrative Threads ACC, Room 18ABCD UX Research & Web Analytics: X-Ray Insights Sheraton, Capitol A-D What Digital Tribes can Learn from Native Americans Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7

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A Conversation with Paul Reubens ACC, Room 18ABCD A Conversation with Paul Reubens ACC, Room 18ABCD America's Future in Innovation AT&T Conference Center, Grand Ballroom Augmented Reality Meet Up Hilton, Room 616AB Better Crowdsourcing: Lessons Learned From the3six5 Project ACC, Ballroom C Big in Japan: Outreaching to a Unique Market Hilton, Salon D Bloggers Fight Back: Legal Workshop for Music Bloggers Sheraton, Creekside Chatter Matters: Using Twitter to Predict Sales AT&T Conference Center, Room 204 Content First, Everything Else Second Sheraton, S. Capitol View Design-Driven Innovation: How Designers Facilitate the Dialog Hilton, Salon E Dining Out in the Digital Age AT&T Conference Center, Room 203 Evolving Cinematic Storytelling to Span Multiple Screens ACC, Room 15 Fail Big, Fail Often: How Fear Limits Creativity Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande A Future Fitness: The Power of Personal Data Hilton Garden Inn, Trinity Getting Wicked: Understanding the Problems of Convergence Culture ACC, Room 5ABC Health: Is There Really an App for That? Hilton Garden Inn, Rio How Social Networking Is Changing Advocacy ACC, Room 8A How To Live Safely In a Science Fictional Universe ACC, Ballroom G How to Make Money Traveling Around the World Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande B Influencers Will Inherit the Earth. Quick, Market Them! ACC, Ballroom F Legal Frontiers In Social Networks, Blogs and Beyond Hyatt, Big Bend Librarians and Technology Meet Up Hilton, Room 615AB Linguistic Mythbusting: The Fake Language of the Web Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 Love Can Pay The Bills Hilton, Salon AB Massive Concepts in the Department of Art ACC, Room 12AB Mentors - Press/Bloggers ACC, Room 11AB Mythbusters Fan Meet Up Driskill, Maximilian Room No Excuse: Web Designers Who Can't Code ACC, Ballroom B Non-Visual Augmented Reality and the Evaporation of the Interface Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom Online Dating 2.0: All Mobile, All Location-Based Hilton, Salon J Putting It Together: The Film Financing Equation ACC, Room 13AB Social Health: Who Wants to "Like" Hemorrhoid Cream? Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine Social Hotline: How Social Media Impacts Crisis Communications Hyatt, Hill Country CD Social Networks Inside Companies: Harness the Power! ACC, Ballroom E Sports & Music: Perfect Harmony Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7 Strange Business: Corporate Creativity That Doesn't Suck ACC, Room 9ABC SXSW Newcomer / Veteran Meet Up Driskill, Victorian Room The Art of Enchantment ACC, Ballroom D The Art of Science Meet Up Palm Door, Palm Door The Death of the Death of Longform Journalism Sheraton, N. Capitol View The End of Reading in the USA ACC, Room 10AB The Evolving Workplace: Environments, Methods, Trends and Management Marriott Courtyard, Brazos 2-3 The Future Enernet: a Conversation with Bob Metcalfe Hilton, Salon K The Future of Touch User Interface Design ACC, Ballroom A The Man in the Van Needs Geo Location Hilton, Salon F-G The Net Delusion Hyatt, Hill Country AB The Untapped iPad Market: Is Your Site POUR? ACC, Room 6AB Tim Ferriss ACC, Ballroom D Foyer Unexpected non-fiction storytelling (with Ze Frank, the NFB and IDFA DocLab) ACC, Room 16AB Urban Technology on the Dark Side Hilton, Salon H Viral Marketing with The Oatmeal Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 What Would Copyright Look Like If Created Today? Hilton, Salon C

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A World Without SXSW AT&T Conference Center, Grand Ballroom Building Community in a Blogger-Eat-Blogger World Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7 Clients Are Not the Target Audience. Users Are Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande A Companion Gaming: Single Brand Engagement Across Multiple Platforms ACC, Room 12AB Creating Social Action Plans For Films ACC, Room 13AB Creative JavaScript and HTML(5) Visual Effects Sheraton, Capitol A-D Crowdsourcing the Corporate/ Nonprofit Partnership. Who Wins? ACC, Room 8A Do Tablets Dream of Electric News? Sheraton, N. Capitol View Does Online Openness Kill Creativity? Digital Planet Live Driskill, Driskill Ballroom Embracing NoSQL - Your First Cassandra Project Sheraton, Capitol E-H Female Entrepreneur Meet Up Hilton, Room 615AB Future of Collective Intelligence: Location! Location! Location! Hilton, Salon F-G Go Here, Do This: Location + Collective Action Hilton, Salon J Haters Gonna Hate: Lessons For Advertisers From 4chan ACC, Ballroom F Health Communities: Superheroes Who Need a Justice League Hilton Garden Inn, Sabine Hollywood Lessons: What Film School Didn't Teach Me ACC, Room 16AB How Open Health Data Can Improve America's Health Hilton Garden Inn, Rio How Social Media Fu@k'd up my Marriage Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande B HTML5? The Web's Dead, Baby ACC, Ballroom C Infinite Jest and the Internet Hyatt, Hill Country AB Inside Sony’s F3: Affordable 35mm PL Mount Camcorder ACC, Room 15 Kill Your Call Center! Bring Your Support Home Hilton, Salon D Machines Trading Stocks on News Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom Matchmaking Comes to Health Care For Doctors & Patients Hilton Garden Inn, Trinity Matthew Inman, The Oatmeal ACC, Ballroom D Foyer Media Tomorrow: The Message is the Messenger Sheraton, Creekside Mentors - Filmmakers 1 ACC, Room 11AB Nonprofit Group Meet Up Hosted by Convio Day Stage Cafe ACC Nonprofit Group Meet Up Hosted by Convio Day Stage Cafe ACC Nonprofits and Free Agents in A Networked World ACC, Room 6AB Of Fanboys & Fidelity - Adapting Comics For Broad Audiences ACC, Room 18ABCD Of Fanboys & Fidelity - Adapting Comics For Broad Audiences ACC, Room 18ABCD Paying with Data: How Free Services Aren't Free ACC, Room 9ABC People Like You and Me: Driving People-Powered Web Discovery Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 People-Powered: Technology's Role in the People's Revolution ACC, Room 10AB Privacy vs. Relevance: Who Smells the Tension? Hyatt, Big Bend Real-Time Marketing Strategy: Surviving Daily Change ACC, Ballroom E Road Rules for Mentorship: What's Appropriate (& What's Not) ACC, Room 5ABC Robotics Meet Up Hilton, Room 616AB Seven Reasons Your Employees Hate You Marriott Courtyard, Brazos 2-3 Social Media and Comedy: F**k Yeah! Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 Social Viewing - The Future of Broadcast? Sheraton, S. Capitol View Solr Power FTW: Make NoSQL Your Bitch! ACC, Ballroom B SXSW Newcomer / Veteran Meet Up Palm Door, Palm Door Technology in Australia Meet Up Driskill, Victorian Room The 2011 Open Architecture Challenge: Revisioning Decommisioned Military Facilities ACC, Ballroom D The End of Shame: or, Getting Over Oversharing Hyatt, Hill Country CD The Refrigerator Speaks: The Secret Language of Things Hilton, Salon K Toss the Projector: Redefining the Presenter/Audience Dynamic Hilton, Salon H Transmedia: Transmonetisation -- Getting Rights and Making Money Hilton, Salon C Using Text to Predict The Real World AT&T Conference Center, Room 203 Virtual Silicon Valley - Global Crowd-Funding Community Hilton, Salon E Whither the Female Tech Founder Hilton, Salon AB Why My Phone Should Turn Off the Stove ACC, Ballroom A YouTube Analyzed: User Behavior on Social Media Sites AT&T Conference Center, Room 204

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1st Independent Propeller Awards Presented by indiePub ACC, Day Stage 27 (Fun!) Ways to Kill Your Online Community Hilton, Salon K Agvocacy 2.0: Adding a Human Voice to the Farm ACC, Room 6AB Apps vs. Mobile Web: Which to Reach Consumers? ACC, Ballroom E Breaking Glass Ceiling - Fearless Women Entrepreneur Marriott Courtyard, Rio Grande A Building with Twitter – How to Dominate the API AT&T Conference Center, Room 204 Communicating on the Web During a Crisis Hyatt, Hill Country CD Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Transparency: New Success Standards ACC, Room 10AB Crowdsourcing: Innovation and/or Exploitation? ACC, Room 9ABC Cure for the Common Font Radisson, Town Lake Ballroom Defining The Diaspora: Global Collaboration and Social Change Marriott Courtyard, Brazos 2-3 Diving Deep: Best Practices For Interviewing Users Hilton, Salon AB From the Sausage Factory: Inside the Film Press ACC, Room 15 Fun With The Lights Off: Interactivity Without Graphics ACC, Ballroom A Has Facebook Jumped the Shark: Sink or Swim? Hyatt, TX Ballroom 2-4 How Brands Are Monitoring Your Online Conversations AT&T Conference Center, Room 203 Indie Success: What is it? Who's Got It? ACC, Room 16AB Investigative Tweeting? Secrets of the New Interactive Reporting Sheraton, S. Capitol View Jeffrey Zeldman's Awesome Internet Design Panel ACC, Ballroom D Live Digital Streaming and the Split Screen Experience ACC, Room 18ABCD Live Digital Streaming: The Split Screen Experience ACC, Room 18ABCD Living Maps: New Frontier, Big Brother, or Both? Hilton, Salon F-G Make Citizens Social: Digital Participation in Public Services ACC, Room 8A Mobile Payments: My Smartphone Just Bought My Beer! Hilton, Salon E Models, Technology, Beer: Recipe for Recently Possible Technology Hilton, Salon H Old Spice Resurrected: How Aging Icon Pwned Internet ACC, Ballroom F Profiting in Adult: The Recession is Over Hilton, Salon D Radically Onymous: How Ending Privacy is Awesome! ACC, Room 5ABC Re-branding Birth Control: Behavior Change through Design Hilton Garden Inn, Rio Recommendation Engines: Going Beyond the Social Graph Hyatt, TX Ballroom 5-7 Reconciling YouTube and Grokster: Business Models for Web3.0 Hyatt, Hill Country AB Shopping as a Revolutionary Act? Hyatt, TX Ballroom 1 The Art of Immersion: Tron ACC, Room 12AB The Evolution of the New York Times AT&T Conference Center, Grand Ballroom The Making of IT'S ABOUT YOU, A Super 8 Documentary ACC, Room 13AB Transmedia Artists Guild: New Media Needs New Advocacy Hilton, Salon C Trust in Social Media: Is Censorship Succeeding Hyatt, Big Bend Where Web Typography Goes To Next ACC, Ballroom C Why Journalists Need to Think Like Geeks Sheraton, N. Capitol View Why New Authors Should Think Like Indie Bands Sheraton, Creekside People Powered Community Panel Venue 222

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