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Acid Washed is a two-man process primarily, deteriorating sound amongst souvenirs, friends, home studios and analogue equipment. It follows the blueprint devised over the past year by two DJ’s keen on using modern and vintage equipment to create sophisticated electronics with a sharp pop aesthetic. Every artist needs a home. Record Makers were only too happy to open their doors and welcome them into the fold. The romantic and cinematic vision of Acid Washed slots in perfectly alongside the widescreen zombie electro of Kavinsky and the sophisticated bedroom grooves recently put out by Sébastien Tellier. The first part of the process took place in Brittany during summer 2009. One of the architects of the project sought exile in an old country house, setting up a home studio away from the distractions of the city. He was able to focus on the necessary groundwork, putting together all the initial beats and melodies, drawing his inspiration from memories of days gone by. Solitude was then broken by the arrival of his partner in crime, who jetted in to ensure everything was still going to plan. A few weeks then spent locked in creative dispute, tweaking the songs, pushing them to their limits. Downtime came in the form of drug-fuelled evenings eating oysters, before sampling the spooky local nightlife. The tracks were then finalized in short, sharp periods as the ideas started to flow thick and fast. Confident in what they had accomplished, they called in some friends from across the continent to add the crucial final touches to their cosmic party tunes. Lippie swung by the house in a blur of whisky and cigarettes, lending her incredible voice to future pop smash "Apply" and the broodingly atmospheric "Snows Melt". Additional production on "Snows Melt" was provided by Christian Kreuz (Get Physical / Dakar). His participation, occurring in typically modern fashion via email, also extended to vocal duties on "The Rain", a cover of the Oran “Juice” Jones soul classic. A whirlwind 48-hour session in Paris with Christophe Chassol brought a touch of class to the project. The long-time collaborator with heavy-hitters Sébastien Tellier and Phoenix added synthesizer sparkle to the night-riding funk of "Acid Washed" as well as supplying "General Motors, Detroit, America" with suitably epic choral flourishes. Berlin was the next port of call for a rendezvous with Barbara Panther. Her wild vocal presence gives "Snake" a venomous bite. Equally capable of soft touches, her dynamic performance marks her down as a newcomer to watch. Last but not least is Xaver Naudascher, the main man at Supersoul Recordings. You might have heard the “Nobody Knows Anything” compilation put out by Death From Above last year. His timeless sense of style meant that he was the obvious choice to lead Acid Washed off the production line and into the final mixing and additional production stage. The result is a fusion of late nineties French house vibes and DFA disco touches that acknowledges the influence of Chicago and Detroit without being overly reverential. Throw names like Steve Reich, Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk into the hat as well if you like, but don’t dwell on them. The list of big time collaborators queuing outside the hit-factory is getting larger by the day and shows no sign of dying down anytime soon. Acid Washed are Richard d’Alpert, Andrew Claristidge, and Christophe Chassol (Live).

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