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• The Hellboys, was his first punk rock band, (Album "Mutant Love" Bonus Track Records) they played more than 150 shows. • The European release of his debut album named "Etoile Eternelle" (Dreyfus Music), featuring the famous Arthur H and Giovanni Mirabais, Adanowsky, played over 200 shows in just 1 year. • In 2008, Adanowsky released his first solo album titled: "El Idolo" in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Spain and Mexico, were he also toured. • On December 2008, "El Ídolo" came to Mexico, offering his first show at El Lunario del Auditorio Nacional. Considering it was his first performance, having great success and a significant attendance. • In 2009, Adanowsky performed at the Vive Latino Festival and for the second time at El Lunario del Auditorio Nacional. The show "La Muerte del Ídolo" was sold-out, leaving quite a lot of concertgoers outside the venue. This performance is considered one of the best shows in Latin America ever. • His show, "La Muerte Del Ìdolo" received a nomination for Best Live Show at the Indie Music Awards 2010. • After the show "La Muerte del Idolo" (the first character of the Adanowsky trilogy) "Amador” is born, being the name and character of his second solo album. • "Amador" was co produced by Rob (Phoenix keyboardist and composer) and mixed by Noah Georgeson (guitarist and producer of Devendra Banhart, Little Joy and Adam Green). • “Amador” was presented with great success in a full Lunario of National Auditory, in front of an astonished and grateful public for the new and spectacular theatricality of the new character. • Adanowsky was the special guest of Phoenix at the Sport Palace show in September 2010, he played in front of more than 10,000 people, who received him very warmly in the expectation of being the concert of the year. (In their own words, Phoenix said this show is on the Top 3 of their entire career). • Adanowsky has performed in the most important festivals in Mexico, such as Hellow fest, in Monterrey with Zoè and Devendra Banhart, also at Corona Capital Fest, featuring James, Interpol and Pixies. • Adanowsky's musical talent, coupled with his pleasant personality and excellent staging, are the elements that lead to the success of their live performances. • He was invited by huge Spanish star, Enrique Bunbury to close the final show of a series of presentations held at the National Auditorium in Mexico City. Both artists performed to an audience estimated at more than 10,000 people. • “Amador” was released in Spain, where Adanowsky did a serie of specials presentations, which reaffirmed his position as one of the most important emerging artist of the decade. • Adanowsky is releasing his third single in the coming days, entitled “Un Sol Con Corazón”, whose video directed himself and soon will reach the specialized television channels. • The musician prepared big surprises for 2011, with full shows in Spain, Argentina, Chile and USA. Discography: -“Étoile Éternelle” (2006) -“El Ìdolo” (December, 2008) -“Amador” (June, 2010)

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