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From Brett Milano's Review of Shiver in the Night, Andy Pratt's Memoir: His story is a classic rock’n’roll journey: He got into music out of love, wrote a timeless song almost by accident, then hit the heights without being fully prepared. Rolling Stone declared him the future of rock, the Who’s lead singer covered his song, lovers of thoughtful songwriting took him to heart. And the sudden fame took its toll on Pratt’s relationships and his internal life. Yet for all its painful moments the story isn’t a tragic one, as the hard times led to a spiritual awakening and further musical explorations. born 1947 started playing piano 1953 started playing guitar 1961 first band (lead guitar) 1961 first major label record release (Polydor) 1971 signed by Clive Davis to Columbia 1972 charting hit single (Avenging Annie) 1973 toured the East Coast with all-star band 1973 quit music business signed to Nemperor/Atlantic 1976 released Resolution 1976(producer Arif Mardin, lead review in Rolling Stone, Steve Gadd, Tony Levin, Andy Newmark, Luther Vandross, etc) toured nationally 1976 and 77 released Shiver in the Night 1977 dropped by majors 1977 last major label release Motives 1978 (David Sancious, Mike Stern, Robin Lane, Eddy Offord, Tony Levin, etc) released Fun in the First World 1982, Not Just For Dancinv 1983, continued to write, record, release records, and perform to this day. Lived in Holland and Belgium 1986-2000, traveled the world as a healing missionary. Has just released 27th album, Andy Pratt Loves you on Forward Motion Records... blessings to all...Andy Pratt http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Pratt_(singer-songwriter) released Fun in the First

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Friday, March 18

11:00pm CDT