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Banner Pilot is a young punk rock quartet from Minneapolis that formed in 2005 and used to jokingly describe their band as, “if Jawbreaker, The Lawrence Arms, and Alkaline Trio got in a knife fight and Jawbreaker won… but just barely.” Hell, that’s actually a pretty good description! But that would make for a pretty bunk band bio and it doesn’t quite sum it all up. Any time you have a band made up of hard-drinking bookworms, you just know there’s a good story and some hijinx. First and foremost, they just unleashed Collapser unto the world. It’s their first for the San Francisco punk label, Fat Wreck Chords. But before we get to that stuff, a brief history lesson and some insights… There’s a theory going around that attempts to explain why so many great bands come from Minneapolis. It suggests that the sub-zero Winter temperatures leave young Minnesotans with few options when it comes to activities and that the bitter cold compels them to hunker down and create art in basements and practice spaces. For those of you unfamiliar with the extreme weather we’re referring to, let’s just say that all the analogies involving witch’s teats and brass bras can’t possibly do it justice. It’s fuckin’ cold in the Twin Cities. And it sucks. But that never seemed to bother any of the locals, and Minneapolis is known as an overachiever when it comes to music scenes. We’re not just talking about the Replacements and Prince; there’s a lot of great indie bands, punk bands, and even an especially vibrant underground hip hop scene. Thus explains the urgency and drive behind Banner Pilot; and like their contemporaries, the intensity of their music rivals the harsh conditions. Whatever doesn’t kills these bands, seemingly makes them stronger. Before the band caught Fat Mike’s interest, they actually released a previous full length with NYC’s Go-Kart Records that put them on the map, so Banner Pilot didn’t come out of nowhere. Half of the band emerged from the ashes of a Minneapolis outfit known as Rivethead, who were the train-hopping, dumpster-diving darlings of the basement scene. Bassist Nate also moonlights as a member of Off With Their Heads and has played on all their records. To put it simply, their punk cred is not in question. But that kind of stuff is not a concern of Banner Pilot’s and never has been—they’re a band that does things for the right reasons and their sincere, punchy punk anthems are proof of that. They’re a truly Midwestern band in that respect: earnest, cerebrial, and passionate.

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