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Benea Reach

Oslo, Norway (2003 - Present) Started in 2003 by drummer Marco and vocalist Ilkka. After recording their first and only demo in 2004, the band attracted interest from several labels within the scene. This led to the signing with Tabu Recordings (a division of Tuba Records) and the recording of the debut album (Monument Bineothan) in 2005, which was released 2006 in Europe and 2007 in the United States. The band has already made an early statement by receiving a Norwegian Grammy nomination for their debut. Originally a five-piece orchestra that has developed into a musical collective, no longer defined by the number of individuals. This generates various constellations within the concept, evolving the bands vision for sound and dynamics. The constructive core consists of the two founding members and the two guitarists Martin and Håkon, but the live-settings vary from five up to eight members. Benea Reach tend to, in recordings and performances, avoid the common patterns and structures of general settings.