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Ben Taylor (born Benjamin Simon Taylor on January 22, 1977) is a musician and actor. He is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon. His sister, Sally Taylor, is also a musician. On his first released album Famous Among the Barns and his EP #1, Taylor collaborated with friends Adam MacDougall and Larry Ciancia to form The Ben Taylor Band. However, ultimately deciding that this path (which yielded music that Taylor describes as "neo-psychadelic folk funk") was not his true musical nature, Taylor released a follow-up album by himself that is much more acoustic in nature and more in line with his family roots. That solo effort, Another Run Around the Sun, features background vocals by his sister and mother, and still features drummer-friend Larry Ciancia, and well as Kevin Bacon on bass guitar, and producer. During 2008 Ben released his third studio album, the wittily titled 'The Legend of Kung Folk: Part One (The Killing Bite). This time however, Ben reverted his name to 'Benjamin', so look for Benjamin Taylor this in the record store :-) An extensive world tour of intimate venue's followed, with Larry again on percussion, and his old friend (and self declared heterosexual soul mate) and writing partner David Saw on accompanying guitar and vocal duties. Throughout 2010, Ben & David have continued to write, record and release tracks on Ben's website.