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DEEP DARK ROBOT Linda Perry and Tony Tornay are rad. If you want to keep reading the story of how their band DEEP DARK ROBOT came to be, that's cool, but we wanted to let you know up front, pretty much all of these words are gonna end up saying that they are rad. Linda and Tony met through a mutual friend who dragged Tony along to hang out at the show of an all-girl Journey tribute band. At their first meeting, Tony and Linda didn't exactly hit it off. Tony might have been, kind of, sort of, a jerk about it. But after a few months, they started hanging out. The two of them spent more and more time talking about music, eating popcorn, doing cool shit, eating more popcorn and talking about the future. Linda mentioned she might want to start another band. It had been 15 years since her previous band and it seemed like the right time to throw her proverbial hat back into the ring. As she started laying out some of her ideas she asked Tony if he was interested in a collaboration with her. Nine months later, the project was born and started to see the light of day. One night, Linda called Tony up to see if he wanted to swing by the studio and jam. Within a few minutes Linda realized "Wow, this already feels like a band." During that first night, they recorded three songs. Tony and Linda realized that what they were doing was made up of equal parts magic and awesome, so they kept moving forward and let everything sort itself out. Not only did they work really well together, but also they were able to work quickly. An entire song could be written, recorded and finished in half a day. With Linda's writing/producing schedule and Tony's full time job in wizardry and playing in the cult favorite, Fatso Jetson, they had to record when their schedules permitted, sometimes going weeks without playing music together. Though when they did, they recorded at an alarming rate and it became clear what this album was becoming. There was a story about a relationship -- a story about a girl -- that needed to be told. When they had recorded a song that was destined for the record, Tony and Linda just knew it. They could feel it in their bones. That's all the two of them ever really wanted to do. Enjoy their time spent together making music that they liked. And what materialized out of that first meeting is the band DEEP DARK ROBOT. Of the band’s title, Linda and Tony explain it’s an artificial agent trying to be human and, at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to be human. The more people become isolated by technology, the more that technology begins to feel. DEEP DARK ROBOT will release their debut album "8 Songs About A Girl" on March 22, 2011. Their US tour kicks off March 13 through April 22, 2011.

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