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Drew Smith's Lonely Choir

"Drew Smith's obvious pleasure in the obvious pleasure of hooks feels both old-fashioned and completely revolutionary" Steve Almond, author of 'Rock n Roll Saved My Soul' and frequent NPR critic ======== "Jaunty Americana-pop with a Harry Nilsson streak. Smith's arresting delivery is the linchpin here, his wit and knack for character sketches share the spotlight in Abe, Jack, and Superman and Squeezing the Elephants." Austin Chronicle ======== "Drew's real draw is that he delivers his songs with a style and attitude that makes you a believer. If he is not wearing a suit and tie and surrounding himself with some of Austin's best players, he is wearing his heart on his sleeve and belting out lyrics with a conviction you just can't find anywhere else." Austin Daze ======== "So full of talent and promise." Big Takeover Magazine ======= "Drew Smith creates perfect pop classics that will warm the ears of Newman and Nilsson fans and likely the fans of indie acts like Spoon and The Shins." Austin Sound ======= "Drew Smith's Lonely Choir has restored my faith in Austin somehow. It's smart pop, no doubt, but with an immediately recognizable down-home vibe that strikes a free-spirit chord." Houston Press ======== "One of my favorite albums to come out of Austin this year, Smith plays contrast with a mad scientists glee, pitting a bouncing Bacharach like piano against a weepy pedal steel on New Year's Day, strings and a banjo on NYC Song, sloppy bop-ba-da's bounce nicely against brass on Diamonds." Houston Chronicle ======== "Giving generally good music a label is no fun. It's usually inaccurate, and it's always limiting. When you encounter groups like Drew Smith's Lonely Choir, the best thing to do is just say it's an amalgamation of so many of the good aspects of several genres like rock, indie, blues even jazz. But, if you want the best description, you have got to check out the Austin group yourself." Austinist.com ======== "Drew Smith's incredibly well-crafted lyrics; inventive melodies proffering pop, blues and even twang; some Sgt. Pepper's/Kinksian/post-Vaudeville flourishes; and a roster of well-known supporting players convey this is no first-timer's effort." Texas Music Magazine ======== "Drew's music is supremely smile-inducing." Dryvetyme Onlyne ======== "Sometimes lost in the roots-rock, alt-country sound that has come to typify Austin music is a handful of very, very good pop bands with chart-topping success, such as Spoon and Fastball. Such a band is Drew Smith's Lonely Choir. Smith is a self-described disciple of '70s pop, a sound that - on his new album - is freshly updated and beautifully delivered." Blog Critics Review ======== "Smith has no intention of blowing your mind with over the top production or jaw-droppingly shocking lyrics. Instead, he writes perfectly-crafted pop songs that will make you happy, sad, lonely and hopeful, sometimes all in one song." Atlanta Music Guide ======== "Drew Smith has carved a well-deserved place for himself and his brand of poppy, retro rock." madeloud.com ======== "All sorts of other media have been singing their praise and it seems I am arriving late to the party. But, better late than ever." Party Ends

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