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Louisville is a place where you have to make your own fun. I moved there in 1981 and the first memory of it I treasure is sighting the words NO FUN from the passenger window of my mother’s car, spray-painted across the orange and blue panels of a grimy downtown sex arcade called the Camera’s Eye. By then I knew "No Fun" was the name of a Stooges song because the Sex Pistols did a cover of it, but I had yet to hear the Stooges and yet to learn it was also the name of Louisville’s first punk band, already ancient history in those years of fire. .. .. Steve Rigot is a flamboyant giant from the foreign shore of southern Indiana who reinvented himself as a Warhol Factory star. He formed the Endtables in 1978 after witnessing an early Louisville punk show. Originally an unwieldy coalition of eight or more performers (reports vary), the band soon contracted to the rock-hard core of Rigot and Alex Durig, a master of the guitar freakout. Later Steven Jan Humphrey was selected to play drums and Alex’s fifteen-year-old brother Albert was recruited to play bass. .. .. In September 1979, the Endtables recorded six songs at Real to Reel studio in Louisville. Four of the songs -- "Process of Elimination," "The Defectors," "They’re Guilty," and "Circumcision" -- were released as an EP on the band’s own Tuesday Records. It has become one of the most sought after records of the punk era, for good reason. The two remaining songs, "White Glove Test" and "Trick or Treat," were finally released as a 7-inch by Louisville label Self Destruct in 1991. This too is in great demand. .. .. On April 20, 2010, Drag City released ..The Endtables.. on CD, LP, and MP3. The retrospective features all six studio recordings from 1979 -- remastered from the recently recovered original tape reel -- plus previously unreleased live recordings and videos and extensive liner notes. .. .. The Endtables lasted no more than two years. They held a single reunion show in 1984. I have a vivid memory from it of Rigot onstage, struggling to keep the strap of his dress up as he sang. Someone brought napalm and was throwing burning hunks of it into the roadway out front. .. .. After the Endtables, Rigot and Humphrey formed the Monsters and Alex and Albert Durig started Melusian. The Monsters and a later Rigot project, Skull of Glee, can be heard on ..Bold Beginnings: An Incomplete Collection of Louisville Punk 1978-1983.. available from Noise Pollution. Later Rigot moved to New York City for awhile, where he sang for In the Vines, and Albert Durig formed the Uninvited. .. .. This page was created with the ambivalent permission of founding Endtable Steve Rigot. It is not maintained by the band. It is a place for Endtables fans to enjoy the band’s catalog and for new fans to be made. Anyone with something to contribute is invited to do so. .. .. .. .. Thanks to Bill Carner for permission to use his excellent photographs. .. .. .. You can see the complete track list for the retrospective ..here.. .. .. .. For additional information on the Bold Beginnings CD go ..here.. .. .. .. For a wealth of material on the early Louisville punk scene check out ..louisvillepunk.awardspace.com

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