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our Austin Gadabouts turned their attention towards Pakistani New Wave recordings, Power Pop compilations, and more Power Pop, aiming for a sonic portmanteau of “enduring” and “endearing”. They each succeeded in making loud noises, then editing one another to create a taut, novel sound. AWESOME Melodies emerged from the workmanship of song writing duo ATTICS and Cardaci or CARDACI and attics depending on who you talk to. Not to mention our ANGRY Slam- Tastic Hard Hitting disco drum machine ERIK "I Smacked dat" SMITH and The lanky DEEP melody maker himself SETH "Mutherfucking" WHALAND . Suddenly they’re readying a slew of singles (the first of which was produced by Greg Ashley of the Gris Gris).

My Artists Sessions

Friday, March 18

8:00pm CDT