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MV (Misteur Valaire)

Put five 24 years old guys who’ve known each other since they were 6 years old, give them a trumpet, a saxophone, sequencers, percussions, turntables, a drum, a bass and a couple of keyboards, and you get Misteur Valaire (MV). How to describe MV’s style? Well it’s neither electro or hip-hop nor is it jazz or rock. In fact, it's a wild mix of all that, with brass, samplings and beats to make you dance all night! The five spread a contagious humorous energy everywhere they play. MV always finds a way to turn a simple concert into a delirious playful and festive adventure! The quintet offers an impressive show in a setting reminiscent of a 1979 studio, creating a real cinematic experience. This live production was designed by incredible and well known artists, Brigitte Poupart (director), Loïc Thériault (video and designer) and Genevieve Bouchard (costumes). With their third album Golden Bombay, launched on May 18th 2010, MV solidifies their creative talents, making their music more accessible with an international scope. More pop than their last album Friterday Night, Golden Bombay keeps the extravaganza, the color and flavor of MV, adding an impressive team of guest singers (Fanny Bloom of La Patère Rose, James Di Salvio and Liquid of Bran Van 3000, Gigi French, Senja Sargeant of Ladies of the Canyon and Béni bbq). The album fiercely hits the sale charts from the first week of its release, occupying the 3rd position in Quebec and the 22nd in Canada. Ave Mucho, the first single on commercial radio stations, has soared onto the BDS English chart after only two weeks.

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