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mylittlepony, (the band, not the brand), was founded in Oslo in the winter of 2007. Allthough having "screwed up their googlability" (quote: MTV UK & Ireland) they have been able to build an international name for themselves in the world of underground twee pop. Their first full length album "Think Too Much" was released in 2008 and featured such hits as "Skipping Down the Street", "MacGyver Blues", "A Song For You On Your 40th Birthday" and the even longer entitled track "Do You Really Love Me Or Am I Just In Your Network?". The album was a success even among the critics from Norwegian mainstream media and it was soon distributed worldwide with special editions for Japan and The Philippines. In 2008 they were awarded the Spanish Premio Pop Eye for "European Revelation" and the following year "Think Too Much" achieved the same prize in the category of "Best International Album". They have toured Spain twice and visited Germany three times. Last November they played the biggest stage at the public broadcast festival On3 in Munich together with such acts as Speech Debelle, Chris Garneau, Ebony Bangs, Royal Bangs and a slightly confused Pete Doherty. In total they have played over two hundred shows in ten different European countries. Their biggest fan bases are in Germany, USA Spain, Sweden, Japan and the UK. 2011 sees the release of the long awaited second album "Making Marks". The video for the single "Hard To Be Good " has already been put in MTV rotation and entered the German myspace charts. The band's appealing mix of twee pop and more classic pop, soul and americana music is making them reach a steady growing audience, without ever loosing their intense underground fervor. The combination of pure sincerity and analytical intelligence in both melodies and lyrics make mylittlepony a front runner in the increasingly more exciting pop capital of Oslo, Norway.

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