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PACIFIC! NEW ALBUM – NARCISSUS – ON VULTURE Pacific! are the sun-kissed, blissed-out baby of Bjorn Synneby and Daniel Hogberg - childhood friends from the Sweden’s seaside city of Gothenburg, with an uninhibited Scandinavian feel for the idyll. The band’s debut album Reveries surfaced in 2008 to wide spread critical acclaim on Swedish label, Dolores Records. A breeze of harmonic and melodic fresh air, it was a debut of rejuvenating danceable pop, and provided the dexterous palette of melody and versatility for the bands ambitious evolution into new album Narcissus. Recently picked up by Alan Braxe’s renowned Vulture label, Pacific!’s retro-futurist identity finds the ideal foil in this eagerly anticipated sophomore LP. Drawing conceptual inspiration from Greek mythology’s moralistic tale of vanity, unrequited love and unspoken truth, Narcissus is a formidable and all too rare pop endeavor. Whilst retaining the duo’s debonair signature sound, Narcissus sees the band progress into a world of delicately drawn scenes in sound, songwriting narrative and moving pop symphony. Conceived as a live performance to accompany a modern dance ballet, Narcissus is a testament to Synneby and Hogberg’s creative nous, and in a modern era of listless imitation, should be cherished at the vanguard of creative pop. Since the early days of the last decade, Synneby and Hogberg have been sewing a patchwork of manifold influences to imbue their delicately crafted pop-not-pop songs with a distinct joie de vivre. Harking back and whilst looking forward, the deft amalgam of West-Coast grooves, Baroque arrangement, Daft Punk production and unrestrained Beach Boys melody – love songs for the new century, dance music for outside the club, nonchalant romance for a carefree generation. Track listing ‘Narcissus’ 1. Arcadia - Introduction 2. Narcissus - Enter Narcissus 3. Cupid - The meeting of Echo and Narcissus 4. Unspoken - Echo singing her love for Narcissus 5. Ramble On - Narcissus getting bored 6. Halfheart - A heartbroken Echo is swallowed by the rocks and becomes a true echo 7. Venus Rising - Enter Venus 8. From Lips Divine - Venus singing her curse to Narcissus 9. King Of The Night - Narcissus falling in love with himself 10.The Gaze - Caught by his own reflection in the pool, he loses himself in his own vision 11.Voyager - Narcissus climbs down to the halls of Hades

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