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Polock are: Papu (vocals, guitar) Pablo (guitar), Alberto (keyboards), Sebas (bass) & Marc (drums). Polock hail from Valencia, Spain and are following in the footsteps of beloved Euro-bands like Phoenix, destroying the default assumption that young, exciting and effortlessly cool bands are home-grown or hail from across the pond – Westside that is. Polock are five young men making music The Stokes would’ve made, had their blend of garage rock story-telling been written under the Spanish sun and a giant disco ball; laced with sparkling Friendly Fires-esque electronica, a sound so alive in Polock’s audio Catherine Wheel of a debut single ‘Fireworks’: spinning, sparkling and building with every second. Then there are the songs built on such solid, accomplished song-writing – ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Not So Well’ (to name a few) – that they could’ve been written by critically acclaimed veterans Modest Mouse or Spoon. Songs that grab from the opening riff, floating into sublime melodies, keeping you hooked from start to finish and sounding like a classic track yet shimmering with brand-spanking and exciting newness simultaneously. Though on reflection living in the yearly walkway to the baking hot, bohemian eclecticism that is Benicassim Festival would explain Polock’s melting pot of sounds; the instrumental experimentation coupled with maturity in their sound, at odds with a band so in their infancy. A sound born from a place where music is a thing to be taken seriously, but also with an abundance of passion and fun. For this is what Polock bring: it all. A debut album from five musicians whose talent screams longevity, while, simultaneously, their distinctive playful sound – delivered with their youthful exuberance and artistic flair - yells even louder: ‘This is where it is. Right here. Right now’. Polock’s debut album ‘Getting Down From The Trees’ is released on 11th April. The album is preceded by single ‘Fireworks’ released on 21st March. ‘Fireworks’ includes two remixes from by Lo-Fi-Fnk and Eim Ick. The artwork for both releases are courtesy of friend-of-the-band and renowned Spanish artist Carla Fuentes, brought in to make sure Polock’s artwork is as distinctive as their music. Both are out on Mushroom Pillow Records. Polock will visit the UK for live dates this Spring/Summer. Details to follow.

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