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Red Fang signed to Relapse Records in 2010. In 2005, David Sullivan, Maurice Bryan Giles, Aaron Beam, and John Sherman consolidated their powers to form RED FANG. They played their first, legendary show on the final night of that year, welcoming 2006 with buckets of sweat and splinters of destruction. Exactly one year later, they were opening for The Melvins and Big Business. In their previous bands, the members of Red Fang created difficult, complicated, challenging music. With Red Fang, they take a different approach, returning to what initially inspired them to form bands - heavy, exciting, sometimes threatening music that at first appears simple and straightforward, but whose sophistication reveals itself upon repeated listening. The progenitors were bands like Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Soundgarden, and Slayer, but there are a crop of contemporary bands that exhibit the same inspirational combination of heaviness, deceptive simplicity, and catchiness - Hot Snakes, Big Business, and QOTSA. It is Red Fang's goal to create music that, as writer Lance Chess describes, "appeals to both the thinking and the banging head." AN INTERVIEW WITH RED FANG Q: A: We all lived in Portland and had been fans of/played in each other's bands for years, but it wasn't until 2005 that we discovered that each of us held 1/4 of an amulet whose reassembly created the magical riff tornado that is Red Fang. Q: A: It was a lot better than "Blue Tooth," and honestly, it was the first name suggested that nobody hated. Q: A: Yes. Our friend Whitey conceived, constructed, shot and edited that video almost entirely himself. He definitely had help from some very talented and dedicated professionals, but all we really did was show up and drink lots of beer - thanks, Whitey! And, yes, he has another video planned for us to coincide with the release of the next album, and it is going to be AWESOME!! Q: A: We don't yet have an official release date, but we are proud and extremely pleased to announce that we are now working with the inimitable RELAPSE records. Matt moved to Portland a couple years ago and we his a super nice, enthusiastic, hard-working man who is going to be really fun to work with. Q: A: It was great! The process was very smooth. He approached us right after the Prehistoric Dog video came out about producing our next record. We were pretty hesitant at first, but after hearing some cuts off their at-the-time upcoming record, we realized that just because his band (The Decemberists) is so different from ours, that didn't mean he couldn't apply the same principles of creating a kick-ass sounding record to our band. He did a fantastic job. Q: A: Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, The Melvins, Slayer, Hot Snakes, Big Business, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Cherubs, YOB... --- Press: RED FANG is the latest effort from long time bros and collaborators Bryan Giles (Last of the Juanitas, Party Time), Aaron Beam (Dark Forces, Lachrymator), David Sullivan (Party Time, facedowninshit, Shiny Beast) and John Sherman (Party Time, Bad Wizard, Trumans Water, All Night). The four have boiled down their disparate sounds to create the ONLY sound: RED FANG. "Stoner-rock grooves atop Hot Snakes-like slithering guitar attacks." I can't get enough of the rough mixes of new material from Portland’s Red Fang. Threatening to rupture eardrums with unyielding, angular guitars, Red Fang nevertheless wields the multi-ton low end that seduced fans of Big Business. -- The Stranger Red Fang push SST sludge and Thor's hammer riffage through big filthy Sunn amps, and slay Sabbath's rhythm section using the jawbone of Greg Ginn. The result? Big gigantic rock that is easy to listen to (not easy listening, mind you)‚ It just makes sense, sounds good, and qualifies the simultaneous usage of both the thinking and the banging head, which are usually mutually exclusive. --The Portland Mercury These guys are raw, occasionally distorted, and loud as fuck; they've opened for the Sword, the Saviours, the Fucking Champs, and the Melvins, and they've got a distinct brand of metal — shreddin', but with a groove — that's formidable on disc but absolutely kills live. I'd impart some kind of face-melting warning here, but a face melt by the Fang ain't something you wanna miss. --The San Francisco Bay Guardian During a recent string of dates on the East Coast with metal technicians The Fucking Champs, Portland’s Red Fang must have seemed like barbarian invaders by comparison. In place of symmetry and precision, Red Fang smears roughhewn, ragged riffs that place the band much more in the camp of Big Business (or even The Sword minus the hobbit shtick). Out behind a new five-song tour EP, the band sports members from all over the place, including Last of the Juanitas, Facedowninshit, and even the legendary San Diego noise collective Trumans Water. --The Onion

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