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Roge (w/ guest Bernie Williams)

Rogê is representative of the new generation of artists of the MPB and makes a sound that is the face of Brazil. Going from bossa nova to samba of exaltation, from Sambalanço to a reflective samba, and even goes beyond - or beneath - through 'jongo', 'ponto de terreiro', 'afoxé' and a not so close culturally reggae (although the African origin is the same) - territories for which he always moved with the property of who composes for himself, proposing to create a fusion of all these rhythms and bringing forth a unique sound. He has released three solo works ("Rogê" in 2003, "Brasil em Brasa" in 2008 and "Fala Geral" in 2010), and over the years and the gaps between a disk and another sought differences and purity of each rhythm working at the intersection, the point at which the noise references intertwine and add to a pace that synthesizes, merging references. His music is so unique and appealing and stands out for its excellence sound, away from the mass culture industry. He is preparing for 2011 a new album, increasingly inserted in their ideals, ready to fly for new flights and conquer new horizons. More about Rogê at: www.rogebrasil.com.br www.myspace.com/rogebrasil www.youtube.com/rogebrasil1 / / / / Roge's third solo cd has a name that gives us issues to understand his music. FALA GERAL could be literally translated as GENERAL SPEAKS, or SPEAKING TO EVERYBODY, and show his willing to walk through a huge territory as brazilian music is, specially - but not only - samba. That's his way to go from the bossa nova "Fala Brasil" to samba "Mapa da Lapa", from the groove of "A Nega e o Malandro" and "Minha Princesa" to a reflexive samba, "Amor a Favela". And he goes far from that when he plays different music styles: "Meu Bem Volta Logo", "Tempo Virou", "S£o Geraldo" and the reggae "O Guerreiro Segue", all with the same african roots. Through all these rhythmic territories Roge goes and let them talk to and through him. About alibi - one case and another when the art refers to something outside itself to establish its value - you won't find it in this cd. The music of Roge has no alibi. His groove proves it all, and that's how he goes from bossa nova to this groovy samba, that he plays on this delicious way and makes everybody on the dancefloor dance! On the name of the cd, he uses SPEAKING/SPEAKS probably because his songs speak about reality, songs are actually concrete, about the burning everyday life. This derive many features of Roge's music. The lyrics he sings are straightforward, the words are colloquialisms, there are many slangs. The syntax is also always straightforward (compare, by the way: the lyricists, writers tend to use a syntax more indirect, complex clauses, because they belong to the world of language rather than speech). Verbs and nouns are the foundation of lyrics. We are in the plan of action and absolute horizontality. If every single art necessarily reveal an ethical principle, Roge leaves no doubt as to his: precisely, there aren't on his songs great doubts, fears, reflections. Roge expanded his urban geography, aesthetics and existential, chose the samba and the samba artists like choosing a city to live. The groove that runs in the vein of every song of this album proves the truth of that choice.

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