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The way from Sacred Animals' native Wexford to Dublin is straight enough, running through the edge of the Wicklow mountains south of Dublin. But you only have to veer a few miles off the main road and suddenly you're up in the mountains. From the Sally Gap you can look out across Lough Tay hundreds of metres below and see the wind carving its way through the hills. "The energy is incredible - so primal. Life is pretty fleeting. But that's also kind of precious in a weird way." And the music is precious too, something drawn from those hidden places. Sacred Animal's is not a calm oasis though, Darragh's mind is tumbling through ideas and spaces, drawing on the rich tapestry of styles and sounds that make this such a compelling time to make music. "It's about everything that makes artists we love, people like Thom Yorke, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver) and Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear) create and then go back and explore some more. I've written songs for years and have always loved doing it. But when the songs start coming out like this, from somewhere I couldn't always reach, that's something else. Exciting." Sacred Animals is about just that. Letting the music speak and breath, respecting its nature, and the result is both epic, but undoubtedly intimate at times. It's an unusual light across the Wicklow mountains in the May dusk, purple and orange and it's got Darragh thinking. "'m not so sure we have things figured out at all. That's what happens when you stop and find yourself staring out across a place like this." Sacred Animals look ahead and the road winds off through the hills and into the distance.

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Friday, March 18

12:00am CDT