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The Skatenigs were doing things they liked without anybody's approval or looking at the past or the future. Their simple songs with anarchy bent, intelligent lyrics, samples from movies or politicians speeches perfectly matched to the songs and characteristic voice of Phil Owen created a general showcase of this Texas band. The leader and vocalist in the band was unchangeable Phil "Phildo" Owen, a musician in such other projects like Snowblack, Choreboy or (the most often) Revolting Cocks, but also a producer of the first Skrew album amongst all. Phildo has his own style of making music and performing it on the stage, maybe more spontaneous than worked out but still memorable after many years have passed by. The public was always enthusiastic to the live shows of The Skatenigs what's yet another proof for its characteristic sound mixing punk, rock, rap and metal styles with a little bit of industrial as well. Now, the 'CEO of industrial bump and grind' will soon unleash the heavily-anticipated Skatenigs album. Owen's most dynamic and cohesive effort to date, blistering industrial tracks that are a forward-thinking, scathing indictment of the fast food mentality and the utter complacency that is pervading and eroding American culture. Scheduled for digital release spring 2011 "Adult Entertainment for Kids" is sure to rock the foundations of everything considered to be wholesome by middle-America. The message is simple, yet urgent: it is a lyrical call-to-arms to wreak havoc on conformity, to rebel against the idiocy that is inherent in societal institutions, to stop tolerating nefarious political administrations, corrupt corporations, and the evils of capitalism.

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Wednesday, March 16

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