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Apparently they couldn’t get enough of the “bromance” that began last year on their first annual “Totally F*ckin’ Doin’ It” Tour, because Tony Lucca, Jay Nash and Matt Duke are doing it all over again – one year later. To celebrate that anniversary, this year’s 2.0 outing kicks off on November 11th at SPACE in Evanston, IL, and the three music compadres plan to criss-cross the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the South and the Midwest. (See tour schedule below.) Says Lucca of the tour: “After years of recording, experimenting and exploring new sounds and directions, you just know when you've tapped into something truly exceptional - something that far exceeds any kind of expectations you might have had, whether your own or of others. That's how the first TFDI felt to me. I've never been one to tempt fate twice, but in this instance I'm willing to give it a go. I look forward to recording and touring with Jay and Matt again.” “It's a simple equation, but it works incredibly well,” says Nash. “Three distinct songwriting voices and three guitars is the general blueprint, but this time around, expect surprises. Lucca gravitates toward an R&B and soul vibe, Matt Duke brings in the alternative rock, and I suppose that I am the hippie/Americana fan. Somehow it all blends together into beautiful cacophony. Last fall, I think that we found a great starting point and I cannot wait to continue on stage and in the studio. Also, Matt Duke, if you could bring an extra toothbrush along, that would be great.” "The first TFDI was a rollicking, melt-your-face-off, don't-forget-to-call-your-babysitter-because-tonight-is-rocking-way-too-hard-and-you-might-be-home-later-than-you-originally-thought, kind of tour,” says Duke. “It wasn't just fun and games hanging out with Tony and Jay on the last tour, it was also probably one of the best bills I've ever been a part of - Tony brings a soulful, bluesy style to the stage, while Jay is Americana at his core; each penning thoughtful tunes with killer melodies. TFDI Part Deux is going to be a rip-roaring, where-did-my-face-go?, take-the-week-off-because-you-partied-way-too-hard-and-can't-find-your-keys-anyway, kind of tour, and I'm lucky to be a part of it." During last year’s tour, a series of video blogs allowed fans to watch the nightly shows and the travel between them, and there is sure to be more hilarity, musicality and hijinks of the same sort this go-around. Last year, the tour name was prompted by Nash’s “Totally F*ckin’ Doin’ It” clip, a high-energy video blog jingle turned motto, and the rest was history. From then on, the venues were filled every night with fans singing and chanting the jingle along with Lucca, Nash and Duke. The first outing spawned the “TFDI” EP, which was recorded to commemorate the tour and was released last November. A recording session is already planned at SPACE’s state-of-the-art studio this time around, where they will be recording a full-length follow-up to the “TFDI” EP. The November 11th show will also be recorded for a potential live album. Rock Ridge Music President Jason Spiewak (Benjy Davis Project, Pat McGee, Ernie Halter) will be co-producing the studio album alongside Lucca, Duke and Nash.

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