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The Wonderful Sound Of Induce! – Halfway Between Me And You The Story Starting off early, Induce, like many children, loved to sing. Everywhere and anywhere, the sound of music was with him. And almost as if lead by fate, the sounds of poppy Soul music and Rhythm & Blues drew him in early. He quickly learned to mimic Michael Jackson’s moves from Beat It, even donning a replica of the legendary red zippered vest MJ wore in the video. One particular incident around age 5 had him singing Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” at the top of his lungs in a local Miami department store, without the slightest clue to the song’s meaning. His mother, halfway between embarrassment and amusement, chalked it off as kids being kids, as most moms would. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, he and his friends would create dance routines to their favorite New Edition, Bobby Brown and Bell Biv Devoe records, clearing out the living room to learn the “Running Man” or the “Roger Rabbit.” Throughout Jr. High and High School, he sang in the chorus and while on field trips or before class, he and 2 friends drew crowds while singing a cappella versions of their favorite Jodeci, Shai, & Boyz II Men songs, snapping their fingers and harmonizing as if the were the Doo-Woppers of the 50’s. But none of this really set in and the talent remained unrealized. Even he himself admits to never truly having to urge to become what his whole life was setting him up to be. Only within the last 2 years has Induce started to seriously take advantage of what was always there, but was simply untapped. Created in secret, Halfway Between Me And You was conceived almost upon accident, yet from the beginning came to be because of one specific source of inspiration. The earliest recordings started out as love letters to a lost love and while that concept remains at the album’s heart, Induce was able to shape those rough demos into pop diamonds. So personal and special was this project that only a handful of even Induce’s closest friends have heard these songs, even up to now, nearly 2 years after it’s inception. Surprisingly, the song that cemented the idea of taking this singing thing serious wasn’t even a love song. It was when Induce’s longtime production partner, Manuvers, literally tricked him into recording a cover of an obscure Boogie classic called “Get Down Saturday Night” that he finally learned what life had planned for him since so long ago. And now, the musical education he has been receiving from the time he was 5 to today has informed his style immeasurably, never not listening for the new. Sweet songs of love set up the huge harmonies learned from Joedci’s Gospel leanings. Simply written words with deep emotional meaning and universal themes harkens back to both Stevie Wonder and Brian Wilson alike. The influences of the teachers are all present and wonderfully remembered with reverence. From Prince to Michael, N.E. to B.B.D., Stevie (Wonder) to Stevie (Arrington), from D-Train to D’Angelo to Dilla. This is the Future Soul. This is The Wonderful Sound Of Induce!

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