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Kali Cathie

Tahoe City, California
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My yoga mat gives me balance and meditation gives me a calm sense of clarity. I'm happiest when I am playing at the beach with my dog and/or fire toys and/or a special someone. I love Fire Dancing and the drumming makes my heart sing. My greatest fulfillment in life comes from loving relationships, laughter and coming alive in the mind and the heart and connecting with soul divine purpose, finding and doing that thing that makes your heart sing. I seek to find balance between the mind and the heart so that lifes road can take it's true and intended path. My professional life in Hypnotherapy is testiment to this where my passion is in Evolutionary Spiritual Growth. My focus is on becoming conscious of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul as an integral unit for inspired creation. Check out the web site to my business, Mala Hypnotherapy, on http://www.malahypnotherapy.com and also http://www.youtube.com/user/malahypnotherapy.