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Catherina Rodrigues O'Gorman

Think Love
Catherina's Company, Think Love... Is using Technology and the Internet combined to raise your feeling state to the vibration of Love... Catherina Rodriques O'Gorman, Founder of Think Love, LLC is creating a phenomenon that is destined to bring about incredible change through the experience of Love as a way of being in life. The Think Love Message and Movement of Love, is said to be a potentially even larger opportunity then the current Facebook ™ phenomena. Through the Think Love ™ wearable technology, web based social networking platform and ability to communicate a simple message others can easily understand and embrace. Think Love ™ is positioned to invoke a powerful message, and amplify the ability to easily connect individuals globally through the Think Love "Vibe" Wristband that evokes the emotion of love. Igniting technology with HEART, This Think Love Movement is definitely acting as a vehicle for a transformation into love as a way of being within ourselves and towards each other. Intended ultimately to affect our attitudes and thinking towards a healthy planet and all her creatures. In partnership with her husband and Soul Mate Gerry, business partner Chris, this simplistic yet, powerful Message of Think Love expressed through the technology of the Think Love "Vibe" Wristband is proving to move people across the planet into powerful states of love in action. A tool designed to fulfill the Think Love Mission, to remind and connect us all to the love within ourselves therefore within our relationships with all those in our lives and beyond. Intended to bring about a unified message of love for all, the intention of the Think Love Wristband as a tool for the message is to facilitate the person in the remembering that we are all love at our essence and to connect with that love throughout our daily moments is not only our answer to life's challenges, its the greatest contribution and difference each of us can make in our own lives which then effects the lives of all those in our homes, communities, nations and on the planet itself. - Catherina To Think Love "Makes all the Difference in our own lives and ultimately impacts everyone. This message is also utilizing synchronized technology that is igniting a conversation, a presence that is soon to unite a love movement that stretches beyond religious institutions, philosophies, beliefs or borders. Catherina, herself, has an unshakeable belief in the power in all of us to actualize our full potential, and understands the pain and emptiness of not leading authentic lives. This understanding is what propels her forward to further this message of love. Already, thousands of lives have been touched by the love Catherina has shared throughout the years within her Coaching, Practice, Speaking and now with the 'Think Love' Movement. The whole model of the Think Love Message as a way of being is to be the change by not only wearing it (a think love wristband) but to also share it with others and connect together in love. It has been her vision to create a unique set of business structures that allows others to 'gift' the bands to those in great need of this reminder of love within the Think Love Foundation "Wear it-Share it" Fund. Think Love Company has also created a Think Love Alliance allowing for Joint Ventures that will facilitate a variety of Love in Action Opportunities around the world, such as the latest... A Think Love Tour/Movie, Sharing the journey of Think Love beginning in the mystical Blue Mountains of Australia where it all began then panning to New York where the tour will begin on the road filming of the Think Love Journey caravanning across the country from city to city starting and ending in the "City of Love", San Fransico..stay tuned...the making of the movie will be shared via live stream internet video as the Think Love Adventure unfolds... The Intention is to "Band America in Love" Uniting 8,000 people from challenged children in hospitals, schools, everyday people in life's situations where ever they go and whom ever they meet on the streets in need along the way will be banded in love with the Think Love "Vibe" uniting us all in the one vibration of love.. For more information, www.ThinkLove.com and www.catherinarodriguesogorman.com 1 516 287 2525

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Sunday, March 13

9:30am CDT