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David Katznelson

Birdman Recording Group Inc
DAVID KATZNELSON is a 20 year veteran in the music industry, including 10 years at Warner Bros and serving as a Vice President of A&R as the head of The Birdman Recording Group. Besides signing new groups like The Flaming Lips, Mudhoney, The Warlocks, Nick Cave, The Gris Gris and the Texas Tornados, Katznelson has donned the hat of musicologist, digging up old recordings by the likes of Don Covay, Ornette Coleman, The Electric Prunes, Alice Coltrane, Jim Dickinson and DMZ. In the late nineties, he started working with 90 year old Otha Turner, who played the oldest kind of living American music in the form of the fife with drum accompaniment. This style of blues has led Katznelson on a journey through the south, where he has discovered recordings by many different blues musicians, among them, Sleepy John Estes & Furry Lewis (as recorded by the legendary Jim Dickinson), Bishop Perry Tillis, and Lum Guffin. Katznelson sees the history of music as a circular event, where the new and old sounds meet in a shared space of significance; history is a tale that has been told and is being told through the transcendental form taken on by those fine souls who create audio brilliance.

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Thursday, March 17

5:00pm CDT